AK-47 Afghani Hash

AK-47 Afghani Hash



Price Per Minimum Order. 14G’s

  • 1 gram $20 $10
  • 2 grams $40 $20
  • 3.5 grams $70 $35
  • 7 grams $140 $70
  • 14 grams $280 $126
  • 28 grams $560 $245
  • 56 grams $1120 $476
  • 112 grams $2240 $896
  • 224 grams $4480 $1736
  • 448 grams $8960 $3360



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Product Description

Buy AK-47 Afghani Hash Online

AK-47 Afghani Hash For Sale Online 

Buy AK-47 Afghani Hash Online, AK-47 imported pressed Afghani hash is great for anytime of day. Although its not made from the AK-47 strain, it comes with the AK- 47 stamp indicating the makers mark. Hand made with love and care this hash has no added solvents or additives, just pure pressed hash. Uplifting cerebral effects are followed with a warm body high. Soft and malleable this hash is easy to work with.

There are a few ways to use this product:

– Crumble up & sprinkle into a joint
– Smoke out of a pipe/bong/hookah
– Smoke using a one-hitter

About Hash

Hash has been used for thousands of years, ever since the first humans noticed the curious sticky by-product from the cannabis plant.

Hash comes from trichomes, the ripe, resinous gland heads that line the surface of cannabis plants. Processes to achieve resin separation have been practiced for centuries, however, the rapid rise of cannabis legalization in the Western world has brought new methods in hash preparation that are sweeping legal markets by storm.

Hashish is produced practically everywhere in and around Afghanistan. The best kinds of Hash in Afghanistan originate from the Northern provinces between Hindu Kush and the Russian border.

The plants which are used for Hash production are very small and bushy Indicas. In Afghanistan Hashish is pressed by hand after the addition of a small quantity of tea or water. The Hashish is worked on until it becomes highly elastic and has a strong aromatic smell.

In Afghanistan, the product is stored in the form of Hash-Balls (because a round ball has the least contact with air), however, before being shipped, the Hash is pressed tightly in 100g slabs generally. Good qualities of Afghani are signed with the stem of the producing family, in this case it would be “The Apple”.

Pressed Hash, like kief, is a concentrated form of cannabis made from the trichomes of the plant. “Pressed” refers to the method in which the hash is made, by taking the concentrated trichomes and resinous material and pressing them together, often with heat. The result being a hard and rigid substance which can be broken into chunks. The purity and potency of a hash is defined by the amount of plant material that has been filtered out during its creation. The purest hashes will bubble when heated.