Blue Moon Rock Kush

Blue Moon Rock Kush


Product Description

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Buy Blue Moon Rock Kush Online, The team at BOG Seeds is a powerhouse of breeding, cranking out one hit strain after another. Blue Moon Rocks falls right in line with their other award-winning strains, and by crossing BOG Bubble and Blue Moon, they’ve developed a delicious bud that soothes your body and relaxes your mind. blue moonrock kushblue moon rock weed strain

Buckle up — Blue Moon Rocks, like all Moon Rocks, is not for the faint of heart. In fact, it’s advised that newer users steer completely clear of this strain, as it clocks in at a consistent 24% THC level. Nugs are sticky and fairly dense, and with a dusting of trichomes and blue and purple tones, they do look as if they came from the moon itself. As the name might suggest, the flavors are out of this world, blending lavender, blueberry, and tea into one delicious puff. blue moon rock weed strainblue moon strain weed

Potential Positive Effects of Blue Moon Rocks

Consumers have found Blue Moon Rocks to be a dominant strain. Many consumers describe the effects as being euphoric, relaxing, and occasionally giggly. As long you can stay awake this is the perfect strain for watching classic comedies.  blue moon kush cbd

Potential Negative Effects of Blue Moonrock kush

The adverse effects associated with Blue Moon Rocks are mild. The most common are dry eyes are cotton mouth. Some consumers report feeling paranoid, fatigued, or dizzy when consuming high amounts.images of moon rock kushmoonrock kush leafly

Growing Blue Moon Rocks

Blue Moon Rock is not the most difficult strain to grow. In fact, it is an ideal strain for beginning growers looking for a heavy indica. Even novice cultivators enjoy growing this strain. It has a short flowering time of around 48 to 58 days and tends to have a high yield. Blue Moon Rock is known for producing beautiful cola buds covered with trichomes. Any grower appreciates having such an appealing strain around. blue moon rocks seedfinderblue moon strain weed