Hawaiian Skunk

Hawaiian Skunk


Product Description

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Buy Hawaiian Skunk Strain Online, Hawaiian Skunk is an indica-dominant hybrid (some crops reaping in as indica-dominant) cannabis strain that produces harvest-ready buds that are an array of dark and light greens, emitting a scent reminiscent of fruit with undertones of skunk and earth. hawaiian skunk strain

Hawaiian Skunk is a 65% indica hybrid that grows branches thick with heavy buds in dark green color. This strain is all about promoting utter and total relaxation and is favored as a medicinal strain among those who struggle to manage their chronic insomnia. hawaiian skunk cbd

Its parents are Hawaiian Indica and Skunk #1, which both offer potent traits specific to their phenotype. Hawaiian Skunk gets its musky, skunky smell and heavy head buzz from its Skunk #1 roots, and its sedative qualities come from that indica lineage. hawaiian skunk autoflower


Hawaiian Skunk is super flavorful and enjoyable. Its sweet and earthy taste is most obvious in its inhale, and can change into a skunky and chemical aftertaste. Hawaiin skunk smoke will taste like sweet sage, mixed with woody and herbal undertones, sticking to the inside of your mouth. hawaiian skunk seeds

Medical Benefits Of The Hawaiian Skunk

If you suffer from insomnia this bud is the relief you’ve been looking for. Because of its intensely sedative properties, users need only a few hits to get them to a deep sleep. The high may seem deceiving at first as it gives you a bit of an initial head rush, for a short time making users more social, however that is shortly replaced by an extremely heavy body and a foggy mind perfect for bedtime. This strain can be beneficial for users who suffer from nausea and headaches as well as some other mental health issues such as depression and stress, but it is not recommended for primary treatment. This strain can also help those who suffer from minor bouts of chronic depression, as it can make you feel more uplifted and free from constant worrying. hawaiian skunk trees

Effects Of Hawaiian Skunk Strain

Positive Effects

Hawaiian Skunk  has many positive effects that make users come back for more. In addition to making tokers incredibly sleepy, this strain also uplifts, relaxes, and gives a sense of euphoria. It’s a happy high that often leads to a fit of the giggles – if sleep doesn’t come first. Both the body and mind are affected: As the tides of slumber slow down the body, the mind is buzzing with upbeat enjoyment before the crash. hawaiian skunk leafly

Negative Effects

While Hawaiian Skunk has mostly positive effects, usage has one clear negative consequence: dizziness. Users should be wary of this and plan accordingly. Be comfortable and in a spot safe to lie down or go to sleep. Other side effects, like dry mouth and dry eyes, are also possible. hawaiian skunk weed