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Product Description

Dank vapes king louie

dank vapes king louie .To begin with,Buy king louie. This King Louis XIII ,might be most famous for making wigs on men de rigeur for the French aristocracy, but in Southern California the name will bring to mind a popular indica-dominant strain. Buy king louie This strain announces itself as many people did in the 1600s: by its smell. The difference is this monarch’s odor is one that’s meant to  enjoy; its dense nugs have an overwhelmingly piney smell with an earthy musk that will have you thinking of your last forest adventure. Bred in part from OG Kush, Louis XIII has a very similar spicy kush aroma. Good for insomnia, this strain often tests at over 20% THC.

Dank Vapes – King Louie

               Ready to feel like your royal self again? A phenotype of OG Kush, King Louie XIII OG is an indica heavy hybrid perfect for patients who are looking for relief from chronic pain and insomnia. Recommended for nighttime use, Dank Vapes – King Louie is an aromatic and regal end to your day.

King Louie XIII OG Attributes


Furthermore, Dank Vapes – King Louie has an almost regal-like appearance. Bright green, fluffy buds feature striking orange hairs peppered throughout. The sticky, resinous trichome coating on the outside is a primo finish for this OG king of kush.

Aroma and flavor

In addition it shares a similar scent to the spicy kush aroma of OG Kush, giving off heavy pine and musky notes. Sweet and skunky odors are also present in the background, working to balance out the strong earthiness of this royal flower.

Moreover, This flower boasts a complex yet intricate flavor profile. The taste can be described as a savory-sweet flavor that is light on the throat. Earthy pine notes are accompanied by a hint of crisp citrus, and tinges of skunk and diesel round out the overall taste.

King Louie XIII OG effects

The royal strain provides a deeply relaxed sensation, partially due to the intense body high that comes on quickly. Because of the deep sedation state, it is excellent at treating insomnia, muscle spasms, as well as stress and anxiety.

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