Seattle High Group Rolling Tray – Mystery Cola

Seattle High Group Rolling Tray – Mystery Cola



Seattle High Group Rolling Tray – Mystery Cola


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Product Description

Enjoy Your Blaze

Enjoy Your Blaze, A proper rolling tray helps your roll, but it does so much more than that. It keeps your tools in one place. Its a place for your glass screen to land instead of the carpet. A tray catches all that bud you drop when you roll up a fat doobie so you can use it again. A quality rolling tray can also tie your smoke setup together, pick a design that goes well with your smoking gear, or just have a giant juicy nug for everyone to see.

These gorgeous macro shots were taken by professional cannabis lifestyle photographer Oleg Zharsky. Oleg is a member of High Group, a creative collective based out of Seattle. He knows just how to make all those trichomes glow and for the lush greens to stand out. You’ll always have at least one gorgeous nug around with this tray. You can check out some of his photography on Instagram

Rolling Trays for Sale

Rolling trays are the essential accessory every smoker needs to stay efficient with their rolls. Keep all your tobacco, herbs and other rolling tools in one place with these special holders. You’ll find that you lose things far less often when you have a rolling tray to store them in! Make sure your precious dollars are going through your pipe or rolling paper, and not onto the floor. rolling papers

Some  trays for sale even come with holders for lighters, grinders, bowls, or anything else you might need. There’s nothing more frustrating than rolling a spliff only to find out that your lighter is nowhere to be found.

No matter what you want to smoke or when you want to smoke it, a good rolling tray is the ultimate essential smokers accessory. wholesale rolling trays