Grape Pie Strain

Grape Pie Strain



THC 17-22%
CBD  0%   
EFFECTS Happiness, Relaxation, Uplifted Mood, Euphoria, Increased Appetite
Chronic Pain, Anxiety
Gastrointestinal Disorder, Insomnia
, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, Stress
BEST FOR Night use 
Grape Pie Strain


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Product Description

Grape Pie Strain

Grape Pie Strain, Not surprisingly, a pile of cured Grape Pie nugs can look quite similar to a bunch of grapes as the plant produces deep hues of violets amid dark green flowers and golden pistils. Its scent and taste are also similar to its name, having a sweet grape-like aftertaste on the exhale with notes of pine. grape pie weed strain

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THC levels of Grape Pie tend to average in the high teens. CBD levels are a bit higher than the average strain which may contribute to its relaxing effects. Its high has been described by some reviewers as being very mild and relaxing for mind and body and offering small bursts of euphoria that some have used to help combat anxiety or symptoms of depression.

Others have enjoyed Grape Pie for its potential to relieving social tension and have enjoyed enhanced conversations with friends and strangers.  Grape Pie is a cross between Grape Stomper and Cherry Pie.

What is Grape Pie?

Like other cannabis grape strainsGrape Pie gets its name because of the buds’ unique aroma and flavors. Many people say that Grape Pie buds actually smell like grapes and have a rich, fruity berry pie flavor. It is well-known for leaving a sugary taste in your mouth after you burn it. what strain is grape pie

Is Grape Pie Indica or Sativa?

Grape Pie is an Indica-dominant hybrid. The initial euphoric effects of this strain will make you feel happy. It has the power to first uplift your mood, and shortly after, make you feel calm and relaxed without feeling sedated or sleepy. Patients dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, and chronic pain are great fans of using this cannabis strain as support. Overall, Grape Pie is known as being mild and relaxing for the body and mind. grape pie strain review

Grow Information

Growing Grape Pie cannabis plants can be highly rewarding once you start seeing the violet tones appearing all over the buds. This marijuana strain can grow outside or in enclosed spaces, but growing indoors is better for it. Pay attention to the height of your grow tent or room as well as your lighting, because these beauties can grow very tall. This hybrid strain is becoming very popular among consumers, but it’s not available in every dispensary – plus one reason for you to grow and sell your own marijuana! If you’re a commercial grower, contact us to get wholesale pricing. grape.pie strain

Lineage: Grape Stomper and Cherry Pie

Genetic Ratio: 70% Indica – 30% Sativa

THC Content: 17-22%

Common Effects: Happiness, relaxation, uplifted mood, euphoria, increased appetite. grape pie strain price